Shop & Save at the Airport: Frankfurt Airport Online Shopping

Shop & Save at the Airport

Duty-Free and Other Items for Less than 10 Euros

Duty-Free and Other Items for Less than 10 Euros in the Frankfurt Airport Online Shop

In the Frankfurt Airport Online Shop, you can conveniently reserve duty-free and many other attractive articles anytime during the 90 days prior to your departure.

So you think it’s expensive to shop at the airport? Well, it simply isn’t true! Browse the many duty-free products that are available for less than €10 even before going to the airport. There are also low-priced toys & games for kids. And gourmets don’t have to go without fine foods. Germany fans can also find plenty of souvenirs in our online shop.

Did you know that you can not only shop inexpensively at the airport, but also take advantage of products in exclusive sizes and packages that aren’t available anywhere else? You can also only get the special Travel Editions in our travel market. Have fun shopping!