Oktoberfest at Frankfurt Airport

Oktoberfest at Frankfurt Airport

International passengers can look forward to a hearty holiday ambiance in the terminals.

Starting on September 4, the motto at Frankfurt Airport is once again “O’zapft is!” (“the keg is tapped”, the phrase with which the mayor of Munich traditionally opens the Oktoberfest). Right on time for this annual event, travelers can enjoy a colorful program that includes traditional beer tent music and shopping for original items in the spirit of Germany’s most famous popular festival.

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And that isn’t all! Restaurants and bistros around the airport will serve popular Bavarian specialties including white sausage, giant soft pretzels and one-liter mugs of fresh tap beer.


Celebrations will be in full swing in Terminal 1 in the B and Z non-Schengen international departure zones, and also in the non-Schengen marketplace in Piers D and E of Terminal 2 until the end of September. You can download each marketplace‘s Oktoberfest map below.