Christmas Time at the Airport

Christmas Time at the Airport

Shopping and Enjoyment for All of the Senses

The airport brims with surprises during the Christmas season. Come with us on a winter journey!

All kinds of large and small yuletide delights await you at the airport In December. So you won’t miss anything, we’ve compiled a handy list of Christmas highlights for you to consult:

Christmas Coupons: Save in Shops and Restaurants!

Will you be at the airport during the Christmas season? If so, take the opportunity to pick up some glorious gifts for your loved ones! Christmas Shopping Coupons let you enjoy valuable discounts: you can redeem them in the international marketplaces in Piers B and Z and the non-Schengen zone of Pier D/E. Or you can browse and reserve articles today: Discover All Coupons Online

Click here for a list of all 300 shops, restaurants and services at the airport

Incidentally, the Christmas season is also a great time to take a closer look at the menus of the cafés and restaurants at the airport. Lots of wintertime and Christmas specials are waiting for you there, from roast goose to winter chai. It’s time to slow down and enjoy!