Magical Christmas

Magical Christmas

Do elves populate Frankfurt Airport during the Christmas season? It’s rumored that at night, magical beings appear out of nowhere and silently busy themselves in the terminals. Is it only a dream? See for yourself!

Are you stressed by the pre-Christmas season? Many people seem to have lost touch with the true spirit of this holiday. Fortunately, however, there are a few exceptions!

The elves are out and about
Once upon a time, around about now, there was a young elf with the unpronounceable name of Ildilyntra. The special thing about her is that she always wears a delightful smile on her face. She also has cute pointy elf’s ears, although she’s bashful about them and often hides them beneath her long flowing hair. Ildilyntra has many fantastical friends. And at night they secretly sneak into Frankfurt Airport to help. That’s just how elves are!

A remedy for Christmas stress
Ildilyntra and her magical friends have a special mission during the weeks before Christmas: to combat an awful monster, namely Christmas stress. And they are here to support you. Is anything not working? It doesn’t matter! The elves will do their best to help you get ready for the holiday celebrations, so you won’t have to deal with everything all by yourself. Unpleasant thoughts and feelings are out of place during this time of the year, because that’s what the Christmas stress monster feeds on.

Buying gifts can be this easy
Ildilyntra and her fabulous friends have the answer to your stress! All you have to do is choose your gifts online in the Christmas shop and then leisurely pick them up at the airport. This keeps you relaxed and in a good mood. You can put an end to annoyances like jostling on crowded escalators, circling endlessly in search of a parking space, and standing in long lines to pay. Best of all, you can do it whenever you like, right up to the end, without losing your calm.

Last-minute gifts
We let you pick out and pick up gifts right up to the last minute: we’re open on the Sunday before Christmas and even on December 24 and 25. You can browse the wares in our Christmas shop from the comfort of your home, and finding the right gifts is made even easier by our tips for beauty icons, style conscious, gourmets, elves, technology fans and more. By the way, you can purchase many of the gifts even if you won’t be catching a plane. Ildilyntra and her friends aren’t going anywhere either, but they can often be glimpsed at Frankfurt Airport.

Can you find Ildilyntra?