Satisfaction Survey

Satisfaction Survey

Annual customer satisfaction survey offers an upbeat picture

In our 2017 customer satisfaction survey, the vast majority of airlines, freight forwarders, GSAs and cargo handlers once again expressed their satisfaction with FRA; in fact, the overall level of satisfaction was even higher than in 2016. The processing of special products received the best grades, while, on the other hand, gastronomy facilities and process speeds were criticized. Measures to address these concerns have already been initiated.


It is our aim to continuously improve the products and services we offer our customers here at FRA, which is why we once again conducted our customer satisfaction survey this year. The “Cargo Customer Barometer” surveyed a total of 96 airlines, GSAs, freight forwarders and cargo handlers located at FRA and queried their requirements.

We are particularly pleased by the fact that overall satisfaction levels were higher than in the year before. Frankfurt Airport continues to be a very attractive cargo site, and its future prospects are viewed positively. Our customers are especially pleased with the processing of special products.

On the other hand, there is potential to improve the infrastructure – in particular the food service offerings and utilities, but also with regard to simplifying wayfinding. Respondents also expressed a desire for greater efficiency at FRA, especially in terms of faster processing and shorter throughput times.

Satisfaction with the work done by the FRA Cargo Team as regards information policy and marketing of the cargo site in the industry were once again rated as being very good. However, there is still room for improvement when it comes to service orientation, and the ability to satisfy individual requests and concepts.

We take these findings very seriously, and will work diligently to achieve improvements in the areas of activity considered to be most critical. As to our efforts on behalf of the FRA Cargo Team, we have launched a number of formats over the past year in order to foster an even closer dialogue with our partners at Frankfurt Airport. We are always available to answer questions and exchange viewpoints at Contact.

In order to improve the food services on offer, the “Kiosk am Tor 32”, a mini-convenience store, has been open in the former registration building at Gate 32 since summer. In addition, a Scoom snack shop and convenience store will soon be opening in CargoCity South. We are also working on an automatic visitor registration system in order to speed up the registration process at the gates.

Fast cargo processes are extremely important for maintaining our leading competitive position, and we are exploring the possibilities of digitization in order to do so. This is why the fact that nearly one quarter of the cargo in Frankfurt is now handled using the Fair@Link system represents a major milestone for us. Here too, however, all of our partners at FRA must work together even more closely in order to remain competitive in the future. Therefore, it is especially welcome news that the Air Cargo Community continues to increase in popularity, and now links over 50 members.