Marketing FRA as a cargo location in target markets

Marketing FRA as a cargo location in target markets

In order to further raise the profile of FRA in overseas markets, last year we launched the Shippers’ Forums events.

Following events in India and South Africa early this year, we continued the successful series with events in Brazil and Argentina in mid-September and another in China in November. In fact, in Pune we just finished the final event of the year on the automotive sector.


The “FRA Shippers’ Forums” event series that we established last year is intended to raise the profile of the Frankfurt cargo hub, and thereby to increase the volume of cargo processed here at FRA. Felix Kreutel, SVP Cargo at Fraport AG, explains the concept: “We are looking to establish a greater presence in our target markets, and communicate the advantages offered by Frankfurt Airport to the people responsible for exports there. With special products in particular, many shippers and freight forwarders have no idea of the quality and range of services on offer at FRA.”

The Latin American market is currently recovering from an extended downturn, and the volume of airfreight exported from Brazil to Germany over the first six months of this year increased by nearly 30% compared to last year. While the Argentine market is smaller, airfreight exports from there to Germany nearly tripled over the same time period.

In Tianjin, China, the focus was on our positioning as an express freight hub – especially for shipments between China and Germany, and between Europe and the U.S. east coast. These goods flows include airmail, packages and temperature-controlled goods (pharmaceuticals, foods and plants).

In Pune, India, we convened a gathering of the automotive industry for the second time. The Indian automotive industry has become the world's sixth-largest producer of cars, with some three million cars being exported through Pune alone each year. This makes the market an interesting partner for FRA. Close dialogue with industrial firms located in Pune has once again revealed areas where we can work together more closely to make the supply chain more efficient.

Nearly 100 freight forwarders, shippers, logistics firms, cargo handlers and representatives of local associations, chambers of commerce and industry associations took part in each workshop. The format was very well received by customers, and everyone involved thought that the event should be continued in future. In addition to target-market-specific themes, the advantages of local infrastructure were presented while highlighting the region’s excellent links to and from FRA.