New “” website

Our new website has been online since the beginning of September.

Here, we will be providing information on the latest trends in the world of logistics and other industries on a regular basis. The website is designed to offer the cargo world and other interested parties an overview of innovative projects so that we will be able to explore the possibilities offered by these new technologies and processes together.


As one of the leading innovators in the cargo industry, Fraport AG just launched a new dedicated innovation website: The aim of the new website is to provide an information platform for the industry and other interested members of the public on the latest innovation topics from the areas of aviation, transport and logistics.

The website is bilingual (German and English) and has four sections: Smart Logistics, Game Changer, Boundless Trade and Sustainability. News items, interviews, company portraits and informative videos provide answers and solutions to questions relevant to the industry: What are the innovations that will drive the industry forward? What are the technologies that will help us to achieve even more efficient processes and better services? What are the trends that will permanently change business models?

In addition to presenting innovative projects from Fraport, the Air Cargo Community Frankfurt as well as other partners operating at FRA, the site will also feature examples of forward-looking innovation from other industries. Explaining the concept of the new website, Dirk Schusdziara, SVP Cargo at Fraport, said: "As a forward thinker and a pioneer in the market, our aim is to present the visionary new solutions that are already available on the market to the entire cargo industry so that we can evaluate and actively implement them together."

Felix Kreutel, head of the Cargo & Logistics department, added: "We want to be a key player in shaping the future of the air cargo transport chain so that our customers here at FRA can continue to benefit from a location that meets all the requirements of an efficient cargo hub."

The website is run in partnership with two publications of the DVV Media Group: DVZ (Deutsche Verkehrs-Zeitung) and Air Cargo News. The journalistic expertise of these strong partners and their networks within the market will ensure the high quality of Fraport’s newly launched innovation website