Joining Forces to Overcome the Shortage of Skilled Workers

Joining Forces to Overcome the Shortage of Skilled Workers

The Air Cargo Community Frankfurt’s new “Human Capital” competence team met for the first time at the end of June.

Numerous companies on site have been reporting difficulties in finding suitable personnel for quite some time now. The Air Cargo Community would now like to work together to address this issue, and formulated a wide range of possible solutions over the course of their kick-off meeting.


The Air Cargo Community has a new competence team: on 21 June, a good dozen representatives from member firms got together for the kick-off workshop of the “Human Capital” working group. Under the experienced moderation of Elke Wasser (Logistic Training Center GmbH), Patrik Tschirch (LUG aircargo handling GmbH) and Thomas Höhl (Lufthansa Cargo AG), they shared their thoughts and ideas on the shortage of skilled workers and its causes, and pursued a constructive discussion of joint solutions and the conditions necessary to implement these.

As participants see it, various past incidents and the employment relationships in which many employees find themselves are responsible for the difficulties being encountered in recruiting personnel. The unanimous conclusion: “We need to clearly distinguish ourselves from the black sheep.”

In order to counter the acute and wide-spread shortage, the participants came up with a variety of proposals. In addition to the possible introduction of uniform quality standards in training and further education, as well as the increased integration of social groups that had been somewhat neglected in the past, these include a high-profile presence at job fairs and the organization of an ‘open house’.

“In coming years, we will be feeling the impact of the shortage of skilled workforce ever more strongly. That is why it is important that we take action now, and work with our members to develop a joint strategy,” said Patrik Tschirch, the Executive Board advisor to the competence team. “We are hoping for even greater participation in future meetings, so that the Air Cargo Community Frankfurt can effectively present itself as a powerful voice of the air cargo sector.”