LUG Strengthens the FRA Pharmaceuticals Hub

LUG Strengthens the FRA Pharmaceuticals Hub

FRA is Europe's leading pharmaceuticals hub.

All the more, it is important that the infrastructure is continuously developed to comply with the strict requirements of the pharmaceuticals industry, and that investments are made in the competitiveness of the location. That is why we are delighted by LUG’s announcement that they are expanding their Health Care Center. In conjunction with expansions being carried out by other partners, FRA will soon have more than 11,000 m² of cargo handling areas.


Frankfurt Airport (FRA) has developed into Europe's biggest cargo hub for the pharmaceuticals industry, with more than 100,000 tonnes of medications, vaccines and other pharmaceutical products being imported and exported here each year. Yet we have no intention of resting on our laurels, for we know the importance of continuing to invest in infrastructure here to satisfy the ever-stricter regulatory requirements for manufacturers and maintain our competitiveness over the long term.

That is why we very much welcome the move by LUG to modernize its Health Care Center (HCC) and expand it to 650 m² in this step. In conjunction with the expansion of the Lufthansa Cargo Cool Center, by the start of next year, FRA will have more than 11,000 m² of temperature-controlled pharmaceuticals handling areas that satisfy the strict requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

The HCC will boast eight rooms of various sizes in which the temperature ranges < -18 °C, 2-8 °C and 15-25 °C are maintained. The facility also has comprehensive temperature monitoring and recording, as well as an alarm system to ensure a transparent pharmaceutical supply chain, and can optionally be expanded to encompass a total area of 1,200 m².

The pharmaceutical industry is also a focal point for the Air Cargo Community Frankfurt, and under the Community’s leadership, Fraport's ground handling services and the cargo handlers Swissport, Celebi, LUG and FCS have joined together to obtain CEIV Pharma certification. Joachim von Winning, Executive Director of Air Cargo Community Frankfurt, explains the motivation behind the move to obtain certification: “We offer a range of high-quality services at this location for these most sensitive products, and we would like to have our competence as Europe's leading pharmaceuticals hub validated by an independent authority.” Numerous airlines operating from FRA, including Community members such as Lufthansa Cargo, the Perishable Center and freight forwarders such as Bolloré Logistics, have already been certified. The process is slated to be concluded during the first quarter of next year.