Satisfaction Survey

Satisfaction Survey

FRA Praised for Most Reliable Processes Compared to Competitors

In this year’s customer satisfaction analysis, the vast majority of the airlines, forwarders, GSAs, and handlers surveyed were highly satisfied with the airport. Handling of special products earned top marks, while CargoCity infrastructure showed room for improvement. One very positive result was that our processes were found to be especially reliable compared to competing airports.

Our goal is to achieve lasting improvement in our processes and services with our customers’ needs and requirements in mind. Therefore, over the past few months, we conducted an analysis to gauge customer satisfaction. IFAK, an independent market research firm, surveyed a total of 93 airlines, GSAs, forwarders, and cargo handlers based at FRA.

The responses show that our customers feel comfortable at Frankfurt Airport. About 70 percent are satisfied or highly satisfied with the site and would recommend it to others. Top marks were given to the handling of special products, most especially animals and perishables. Participants also have largely positive feedback regarding government agencies.

Another pleasing development is that cargo processes at FRA achieve very positive ratings. Our customers are happy with the reliability of cargo processes in particular, giving them the best marks compared to our competitors in Amsterdam, Paris, London, Brussels, and Luxembourg.

At the other end of the scale, action is needed in terms of the CargoCities’ infrastructure, where customers would like to see a larger range of foodservice options and other amenities. They would also like to receive more individualized care and support from us as the FRA Cargo Team and miss a way to contribute their own ideas.

We will be taking these points seriously and are already working on implementing them. The newly established User Committee marks a first step and a move we hope will get our customers more involved in the site’s evolution. Furthermore, we have been able to bring in various new food trucks for CargoCity South recently to add new foodservice options.