CEIV Pharma

CEIV Pharma

FRA to Become Europe’s Largest Certified Pharma Hub

With the support of the Air Cargo Community Frankfurt, various businesses at the airport are currently undergoing the IATA CEIV Pharma certification process. Their shared goal is to make Frankfurt the largest certified pharma gateway in Europe, offering consignors a process chain of highest quality with end-to-end certification.

With a volume of over 100,000 tonnes of pharmaceuticals per year, Frankfurt Airport is already Europe’s top pharma hub. With coordination from the Air Cargo Community Frankfurt, it is now also supposed to become the largest certified pharma gateway. The collective push by the Community calls for at least one partner to be certified for each process step. This is intended to ensure – and document – the very highest level of reliability and security across the entire process chain for shipments of pharmaceutical products.

At present, the Perishable Center Frankfurt, Bolloré, and LH Cargo have already attained IATA CEIV Pharma certification. In addition, Celebi, FCS, LUG, Swissport and Fraport’s Ground Services unit are undergoing the certification process, which takes about nine months. Joint training was held in May. The process is scheduled for completion by early 2017. At that point, over 95 percent of cargo handling and about 85 percent of ground handling performed at Frankfurt Airport will be certified.

“The products and services related to the transport of pharmaceutical shipments have always been world class in Frankfurt and serve as a role model for many others,” explains Joachim von Winning, Executive Director of the Air Cargo Community Frankfurt. “With comprehensive certification of the entire process chain, we will have independent confirmation and can recommend Frankfurt as the pharma gateway for Europe. At the same time, we also see the certification process as an opportunity to optimize services and processes. In doing so, we want to respond even better to the needs and requirements of freight forwarders and pharmaceutical companies”.

Watch our video to learn more about how highly sensitive pharmaceutical products reach their destinations reliably and quickly via Frankfurt Airport.