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Excellence Award and Shippers‘ Forum at Air Cargo Africa

Excellence Award and Shippers‘ Forum at Air Cargo Africa

Success for FRA: At this year's Air Cargo Africa, Frankfurt Airport was again recognized as one of the best international cargo airports. We also used the trade fair as an opportunity to get into dialog with shippers. Following the successful Shippers' Forum in India late last year, this year's format focused on the players in the automotive industry in South Africa.


This year, Frankfurt Airport (FRA) was again recognized as "highly acclaimed" in the best international airport category of the "STAT Trade Times International Award for Excellence in Air Cargo". The award was presented to Fraport by the renowned "STAT Trade Times International" magazine on the occasion of the "Air Cargo Africa" international trade fair, held in Johannesburg (South Africa) on February 21-22.

Fraport AG’s executive board member and COO Anke Giesen said at the awards ceremony: "We are continually working to offer our customers ever more efficient processes and new solutions. The award is yet another confirmation of the high quality that characterizes Frankfurt Airport as an airfreight location. At the same time, this honor motivates us to further strengthen our position as Europe's leading freight airport. Our aim is to remain the most successful cargo hub in Europe while expanding our role as an innovation leader."

“Air Cargo Africa” is the most important airfreight trade fair on the African continent. Fraport took advantage of the presence of the stakeholders represented at the event to showcase its expertise by hosting the next "Shipper's Forum". Having successfully organized a "Shipper's Forum" in India in 2016, the company repeated this event format in Johannesburg. This year's Shippers' Forum focused on the players in the automotive industry in South Africa, which is the most important industry in bilateral economic relations between Germany and South Africa. All in all, Germany is South Africa's second most important trading partner after China, and vehicles and automotive parts are the most important commodity. The forum provided supply chain and logistics managers with a networking platform for discussing key topics, strategies and ideas.

South Africa is our largest market on the African continent. More than 35,000 metric tons of freight was flown between South Africa and Frankfurt in the past year, 8.5 percent more than in 2015. With over 40 passenger and cargo flights every week, FRA offers more routes than almost any other European airport.