LH Cargo Handles 100,000th Metric Ton of Airfreight through Speed Gate

LH Cargo Handles 100,000th Metric Ton of Airfreight through Speed Gate

At the end of April, we joined LH Cargo in celebrating its 100,000th metric ton of cargo loaded through Frankfurt Airport’s Speed Gate.

The airline has used the infrastructure for two years in order to provide customers with a special export and import service. Cargo is collected directly from or delivered directly to the customer's warehouse, meaning it no longer has to be handled at the airline's own facility. Customers benefit from significantly shorter process times as a result.



On April 24, Lufthansa Cargo (LH Cargo) loaded its 100,000th metric ton of cargo through Frankfurt Airport’s Speed Gate. The company has been using the infrastructure facility for the past two years in order to offer optional mobile add-ons to its customers at Frankfurt Airport. With the "Mobile Acceptance" service, customers of LH Cargo can have their cargo collected from their own warehouse – whether loose or on pallets. The freight is checked at the customer warehouse before it is taken directly to the aircraft via Speed Gate. The import service involves the airline delivering the freight directly from the aircraft to the customer's warehouse via Speed Gate.

This makes waiting times a thing of the past”, said Sören Stark, Board Member Operations at LH Cargo, to underline the benefit of the facility, before ceremoniously pressing the button to send the 100,000th ton of cargo airside through Speed Gate. “Our customers have responded very well to both service offerings: 81 per cent of the cargo units built by our customers at CargoCity South, known as BUPs, were accepted via the mobile service in the latest quarter already.”

When Speed Gate was first opened almost four years ago, it was primarily aimed at cargo handlers with no airside handling facilities, but we have ended up creating an infrastructure that is benefiting many more players at Frankfurt Airport. Anke Giesen, Executive Director Operations at Fraport AG, said: “With Speed Gate, we are helping to make the hub even faster and more agile for our cargo customers. We are pleased that Lufthansa Cargo, as our customer and partner, is using Speed Gate so intensively, with all of the resulting customer benefits. We firmly expect Speed Gate to become a more important tool for other cargo companies and their customers as well.”

All in all, around 65 cargo units an hour can be handled via Speed Gate's four automated locks. The truck docking system can be automatically adjusted to the height of the respective vehicle – and the cargo is unloaded at the touch of a button. One innovation is that security control is integrated into the transfer point. The cargo is examined within the lock before being transferred to the airside provisioning area, which covers over 30,000 square meters.