New truck parking lot has been very well received

New truck parking lot has been very well received

Truck businesses express great satisfaction with the new infrastructure

A year after its opening, the truck parking lot at gate 31 is consistently seeing high capacity utilization.

The new truck parking lot at gate 31 began operating last April in order to ease the traffic situation and to ensure that truck drivers can enjoy a more pleasant stay at FRA.

One year in, the new infrastructure has proven its value. Monthly capacity utilization for the 74 parking spaces averages over 50%, with particularly strong usage on weekends. Occupancy has risen steadily on Saturdays and Sundays over the last few months, standing at 92% in March.

The parking lot has also been very well received by users, as a survey of 43 truck businesses confirmed. Ninety-six percent of parking lot users stated that they were pleased by the new infrastructure, and over 90% of respondents were happy with the sanitary facilities as well. The only place where the businesses pinpointed a need for improvement was the payment system, which brought critical feedback from 57% of those surveyed.

Starting this summer, it will thus be possible to use selected fuel cards to pay parking charges. The move is intended to make the payment process easier.

However, the survey also showed that only 12% of the companies are making use of the option to buy parking vouchers in advance. These vouchers are an easy way to pay, and also offer companies the possibilities to benefit from discounts.