Fraport becomes a member of the redesigned cargoIQ initiative

Fraport becomes a member of the redesigned cargoIQ initiative

Former “Cargo 2000” program was relaunched

The new initiative, now named “cargoIQ”, offers the possibility to compare cargo processes at FRA with other cargo sites. Participation should bring even greater transparency with regard to our processes.

At the World Cargo Symposium in Berlin this past March, “Cargo 2000” presented its revised concept, which was accompanied by the initiative’s being renamed “cargoIQ”. At the same time, Fraport became a new member.

The interest group of 82 participants, who are responsible for nearly 50% of all consignments worldwide, was originally founded to implement quality standards for the international airfreight industry. Ultimately, however, the program was unable to meet its goals, so the organizers felt it needed a fresh start.

The new approach is distinguished by the fact that the progress of a consignment is no longer considered merely as a whole. Instead, each and every single process step is measured. cargoIQ then evaluates the data at process level and compares the companies’ performance directly with competitors. This makes it possible to evaluate how efficiently every individual player in the cargo process chain works.

“The appeal of membership for us is that we can use the new approach to open up a dialogue with our partners on a targeted basis and define best practice examples together”, explained Dirk Schusdziara, Senior Vice President Cargo at Fraport AG. “By joining the program, we hope to bring greater transparency to the processes at our airport, thereby ultimately offering our customers a faster and more reliable service.”