“Visit FRA Pharma”: Tours Provide Insight into Pharma Processes at FRA

Pharma Processes at FRA

Frankfurt Airport is Europe’s largest pharmaceutical transportation hub

Every year, over 100,000 tonnes of pharmaceutical and medical shipments pass through FRA.

The airport now offers a new service to explain companies in the pharmaceutical industry more about the complex processes involved in airfreight. In the “Visit FRA Pharma” program, the Air Cargo Community Frankfurt organizes guided tours to various cargo facilities at Frankfurt Airport. The goal is to allay uncertainties for those responsible for logistics about what happens to their highly sensitive products as soon as they have left the production site.

Each free tour lasts half a day and provides insight into the entire process chain at the airport. For example, participants visit the Frankfurt Perishable Center and the LH Cargo Cool Competence Center and gain an impression of what ground handlers do, with a presentation of a number of special products specifically developed for shipping pharmaceuticals. If possible, the program also includes viewing a freighter aircraft.

Joachim von Winning, Executive Director of the Air Cargo Community Frankfurt, explains: “The airport tours are a way for the pharmaceutical companies to finally see how the transportation of their products is organized. At the same time, we present highly efficient solutions that are available at Frankfurt Airport for their valuable cargo. It’s important to us that they leave the event knowing that in Frankfurt, even highly sensitive consignments are transported quickly, reliably, and with the necessary cold chain compliance.”