Important notice for all FCS and LUG customers

Important notice for all FCS and LUG customers

LUG and FCS Introduce Mandatory Truck Slot Booking to Optimize Processes at CargoCity South

Advance truck slot booking required as of May 15, 2018 – All deliveries and pick-ups to be booked online via the Fair@Link Door Management System – Enhanced processes will strengthen FRA’s position as Europe’s leading airfreight hub


Frankfurt Cargo Services (FCS) and LUG aircargo handling GmbH, two major cargo handlers operating at Frankfurt Airport (FRA), are introducing mandatory slot bookings for trucks delivering and picking up airfreight at their facilities in FRA’s CargoCity South. The planned introduction of binding slot bookings was decided in cooperation with airport operator Fraport AG and the Freight Forwarding & Logistics Association of the States of Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate (SLV). Starting May 15, only trucks that have booked in advance a loading or unloading slot online using the airport’s Fair@Link Door Management System will be allowed to drive to the loading docks operated by FCS and LUG. Drivers who have not given advance notice must use a computer terminal to register on site. However, they may have to wait before receiving an allocated slot.

FCS and LUG decided to take this measure in response to the long waiting times for freight carriers experienced in late 2017, caused by high cargo traffic at FRA. As a result, all parties involved identified the need to introduce new innovative processes to ensure efficient operations at Europe's largest airfreight hub now and in the future. At two informational events, some 180 representatives from logistics and freight forwarding companies welcomed the plans to introduce the new system.

The truck-slot allocation process is pivotal to further strengthening Frankfurt Airport’s position as a leading airfreight hub. SLV Managing Director Thorsten Hölser said: "The situation in the last quarter of 2017 made it clear that all parties involved in the process need to work together to solve the problem." An important step is the use of a dock management system like the one already utilized by FCS and LUG. Since recently, the two companies have been also been using the same compatible software. Anne Smirr, Head of Sales and Marketing at FCS, explained: "Our experience shows that tangible improvements of process can only be achieved with the participation of all parties involved across the board." In view of steadily rising freight volumes, April 27, 2018 the new system will help ensure efficient cargo handling in the future. LUG CEO Patrik Tschirch remarked: "Easier planning of the processes allows us to make more efficient use of resources and deliver greater reliability."

Many of the shipping companies and freight carriers at CargoCity South are already familiar with the Fair@Link dock management system. For all companies that have not yet registered for the Fair@Link system, there is a slimmed-down version available free of charge. Felix Kreutel, SVP Cargo at Fraport AG, noted: "By exchanging data digitally through Fair@Link, we have already been pursuing the goal of speeding up the processes in the CargoCities for some time now. This initiative by LUG and FCS will bring us a major step closer."

To ensure that the initial registration process runs smoothly, registration must be made through the provider of the dock management system, Dakosy. Due to data protection regulations, this is also necessary to use the free version of the system.

More information on the dock management system is available at