Excellence Award

Frankfurt Airport wins “Excellence Award” as Best International Freight Airport

Frankfurt Airport wins “Excellence Award” as Best International Freight Airport

Award from the renowned specialist magazine underscores Frankfurt’s leading position in the air cargo industry

Frankfurt Airport won the renowned industry award “STAT Trade Times International Award for Excellence in Air Cargo” in the category “best
international airport”. The award from the specialist “STAT Trade Times International” publication was presented to Fraport AG at the “Air Cargo India” international airfreight trade fair in Mumbai (India). So Frankfurt Airport has been repeatedly recognized as the best international freight airport.

Felix Kreutel, Head of Freight Development and Freight Management at Fraport AG, said: “We are delighted to be the recipient of this award yet
again. The fact that we have won this award repeatedly underscores Frankfurt Airport’s leading position in the air cargo industry. Being an
innovation leader means that we exploit the opportunities of digitalization to make the process chain more efficient and reliable for all our partners. We will continue to work closely with the cargo community and provide important momentum to stay true to our pioneering role in the years to come.”

Frankfurt Airport is Europe’s largest freight airport and, with a cargo volume of 2.2 million metric tons in 2017, one of the ten largest freight airports worldwide. Thanks to its central location in the heart of Europe, optimal intermodal connections, outstanding infrastructure, and systematic process digitalization, Frankfurt Airport offers conditions that cannot be found at any other aviation location. The attractiveness of Frankfurt Airport is attributable not only to its continuous traffic and freight growth but also to its integrated air and ground transportation networks, dynamic accumulation of expertise, close cooperation with partners, and commitment to innovation.