By Train

Arriving by Train

Arriving stress-free by train

To get to the airport from Frankfurt or elsewhere in the Rhine-Main region, you can take advantage of local public transportation services.

Long Distance High Speed Railway Station
The Long Distance High Speed Railway Station is located directly at the airport. More than 170 high speed trains per day are connecting the airport with all major cities in Germany and destinations in neighboring countries like Austria, Belgium, Denmark the Netherlands, and Switzerland,. Travel times are rather short, transportation is convenient.
Specifically designed services are making it easy for passengers and travel agents to make reservations, to check-in and drop off baggage in a short distance to the railway station: In the AIRail Terminal adjacent to the railway station.

Specifically designed intermodal services
Rail & Fly Service of Deutsche Bahn – DB – German Railways
On the basis of this service, German Railways offers travel from more than 5600 railway stations in Germany to Frankfurt Airport for a relatively cost sensitive price.
The Rail & Fly Service is offered by more than 70 airlines flying into Frankfurt Airport and 70 Tour Operators (detailed information on our website:

AIRail Service of Lufthansa German Airlines and DB
The AIRail Service of Lufthansa German Airlines allows world-wide reservations of trains with flight numbers connecting Frankfurt Airport with a number of  major cities/destinations (with IATA three letter codes) in Germany: Düsseldorf, Köln, Bonn, Kassel, Mannheim, Karlsruhe, Stuttgart (detailed information on our website:
Connecting from high speed train to the flights to and from Frankfurt Airport, and the Rail & Fly and AIRail services  are described and explained in our flyer: “By train to your plane” or on our website: We guarantee for the transfer between high speed trains via AIRail Check-in a minimum connecting time of 60 minutes.

Regional Railway Station:
More than 220 regional trains per day are linking the regional underground railway station of Frankfurt Airport with the Rhine Main Region and the cities Frankfurt, Offenbach, Hanau, Wiesbaden and Mainz on the basis of high service frequencies.