Museum meets Airport

Evolution of Flight

You can learn all fascinating information about ancient flying reptiles and modern aircrafts at the free exhibit at Frankfurt Airport.

What do the ancient flying reptiles of the genus Pteranodon have in common with an A380 wide-body aircraft? What conclusions have scientists drawn from fossil skeletons about how these animals flew, and how are these insights relevant to modern aviation?

You can now find the answers to these questions and a host of other fascinating information in an exhibit at Frankfurt Airport called “The Evolution of Flight”.

Located on Level 4 (near the SkyLine station) of Terminal 2 and freely accessible throughout the day, it includes gigantic rotating models of pterosaurs and is free of charge for all airport visitors and travelers.


The “Evolution of Flight” exhibit is presented by Fraport AG, the airport’s operator, in cooperation with the Senckenberg Nature Research Society.

Founded in 1817, this society is one of the world’s foremost research institutions engaged in studying biodiversity and the evolution of life. It runs the Senckenberg Nature Museum in Frankfurt, one of Europe’s largest museums of natural history. Information on permanent and temporary exhibits, lectures, and events in the museum is available here.