Helpful information regarding your luggage


Luggage Regulations

Luggage allowances vary from airline to airline

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Allowances on items

There are limits on the permitted quantities and values

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Hand Luggage

Please observe the rules on carrying liquids and gels in hand luggage

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Baggage Carts

The baggage cart system at Frankfurt Airport ensures that every passenger can find a baggage cart in all public areas

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Baggage storage

Our Baggage Storage takes care of your baggage so you can look around at Frankfurt Airport without any additional load

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Bulky Items

You can check bulky luggage at your airline's regular check-in counter

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Currency Restrictions

There are ules on cash and cash equivalents when traveling

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Endangered Species

Rules for the protection of endangered species

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Biosecurity Rules

Rules and advice on carrying plants in your luggage when coming into the EU

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Product Piracy

Things you should know about product counterfeiting

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Baggage wrapping

By machine shrink-wrapped luggage and bulky items

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