Biosecurity Rules

Rules and advice on carrying plants in your luggage when coming into the EU

To avoid inconvenient trouble after long-haul-flights, passengers coming into the EU are kindly requested to ensure that all plants, fruits and vegetables in their luggage are free from plant pests and diseases and are not prohibited from entering EU territory.

Regulated plants and produce must be checked by your local plant health authority prior to your flight into the EU. For regulated goods freedom from pests and diseases must be stated by a phytosanitary certificate (PC) issued by the local authority. Remember, there are no exceptions for small quantities if you are traveling on a long distance flight entering EU territory via Frankfurt Airport. Exceptions may only apply if your goods originate verifiably from European Non-EU or from Mediterranean countries.

The EU's relevant regulated plants and produce are listed within annex V of the EU Plant Health Directive. Please note that all regulated goods destined to enter EU territory

  1. shall be accompanied by a valid PC (the original documents, no copy will be accepted).
  2. shall be declared at customs or at a plant health authority at the point of entry.
  3. are subject to phytosanitary checks at the point of entry.

If these conditions are not met, your perishables or plants may be rejected and caution may be issued. Moreover, you may be charged for the safe destruction of your rejected goods.