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Dog Hotel

Your dog is on vacation at the airport

As a dog owner you might ask yourself where to put your lovely dog, when your holidays come closer or a business trip is on the door step We have the perfect solution for you: bring your dog to the Frankfurt Airport Dog Hotel – we´ll treat your faithful companion with capable care!

Business hours /service times Monday - Friday from 8:00am to 4:00 pm
  Saturday, Sunday and public holidays by telephone agreement  
Fare Overnight accomodation in winter €28.00
  Overnight accomodation in summer €26.00
  Final cleaning fee €16.00
  One day at day care €15.00

You can drop your dog off,  just before you take your flight and pick it up directly after arrival.

Should your life be in turmoil and your living conditions require help regarding taking care of your dog, we are at your disposal and support you in stressful times.


Our team - Certified quality

We want you to enjoy your holiday and not needing to worry about the circumstances in the kennel or the quality of our staff. So be assured, that, our reliable and certificated professionals do their very best to offer your four-legged family member a pleasant stay at the Frankfurt Airport dog hotel. The dog food we use and which you can purchase in our office, meets the highest standards and the premises are generously laid out.


Our site – plenty of space

The dog hotel is located in Cargo City South at Frankfurt Airport. The area of more than 4,000 square meters offers our guests 15 free-runs and 27 kennels, each with its own indoor and outdoor area, which is of course heated in winter.


We also offer day care - an uncomplicated solution

Shift work or long days? We have the suitable solution for you. A personal access allows you to deliver your dog completely independently, exactly when it suits your needs. We would be pleased to offer your dog our day care service. We have 9 separated kennels where your dog has the opportunity to play with other members of the dog family.


Hygiene & Feelings

One of our paramount importance is that your dog is comfortable with us.. Of course you may bring its toys and own blankets - considering our hygiene requirements. At no extra charge, our dog professionals take care of punctual medication if necessary.


Gute Reise! Have a good trip!

Be certain: Your dog is in best hands with us. Our dog professionals love what they do and stand for their profession. We act in accordance with our motto: Have a good journey - We take care of it!


Visit us!

If you would like to see where your little friend will stay during his visit, you are warmly invited to arrange an individual visit on site with our professionals. We are looking forward to you coming to our dog hotel and will be pleased to answer any of your questions.


Terms of acceptance

In order to offer a high quality and to protect the other guests, we can only take care of healthy dogs. Please bring a vaccination passport, valid for at least four weeks, as proof of general vaccination and rabies vaccination on the day of delivery.



Fraport AG


Kloss, Wilfried

Phone +49 (0)69-690- 66542



We´re open 365 days a year

Log in to the visitor registration at gate 32 and give the reason for your visit to the dog hotel