window.fra = window.fra || {}; window.fra.i18n = { // used in calendar's template and markup datePicker: { todayLabel: "Today", submitButton: "Apply", time: "time of day" }, aggregatorList: { title: "Title", shortTitle: "Description" }, // backbone apps app: { mixinSearch: { text: "Results of the search for '{{search}}'" }, // parking app parking: { rowHead: { price: "Fare", name: "Name", summary: "Summary" }, filter: "Results of the search for '{{search}}'", // parking profile page date picker text, see moment() doc timeformat: "dd, [the] DD. MMMM YYYY", formValidation: { noTerminal: "Please select departure terminal.", noStart: "Please select start time for parking.", noEnd: "Please select end time for parking.", sameDate: "Parking start and end time for parking is same.", endBeforeStart: "Parking end time is before start time.", startBeforeNow: "Parking start time is in past.", endBeforeNow: "Parking end time is in past." } }, // flight app flight: { rowHead: { airline: "Airline", flight: "Flight", codeshare: "Codeshare", destination: "Destination", origin: "Place of departure", scheduled: "Scheduled", expected: "Expected", terminal: "Terminal", checkin: "Check-in", gate: "Gate", status: "Comment", stopover: "via", ausgang: "Exit" }, filterInfo: "You have used the following {{filter}}: {{search}} {{airlines}} {{airports}}", noResults: " No results found", departure: "Departure", arrival: "Arrival", filter: { filter: "Filter", airlines: "Airlines", airports: "Airports", international: "International", national: "Domestic", asia: { code: "as", name: "Asia" }, usa: { code: "am", name: "America" }, europe: { code: "eu", name: "Europe" }, africa: { code: "af", name: "Africa" }, australia: { code: "au", name: "Australia" }, germany: { code: "de", name: "Germany" }, apply: "Apply", submit: "Find a flight" }, search: { search: "Search", Flight: "Flight", Airline: "Airline", Airport: "Airport" }, detail : { timeFormat: "L - LT", sched: "Scheduled", schedDep: "Scheduled Time of Departure", schedArr: "Scheduled Time of Arrival", esti: "", departureEstiText: "Expected departure time", arrivalEstiText: "Expected arrival time", al: "Airline", fnr: "Flight number", ac: "Aircraft", cs: "Codeshare", schalter: "Check-in counter", rouname: "Intermediate landing", reg: "Registration", gate: "Gate", terminal: "Terminal", halle: "Hall", ausgang: "Exit", status: "Note", divname: "Diverted to", luops: "Last Update", duration: { title: "Time of Flight", text: "{{#if HH}}{{HH}} hour(s) {{#endif}}{{MM}} minute(s)" }, } }, // login app Login: { login: "Log in / register", logout: "Log out", timeoutError: "Login is not available at this moment !", credentialsError: "Please check your credentials!" }, // map app map: { rowHead: { name: "Name", location: "Location" }, error: { titel: "", noResult: "No locations match {{filterType}}. Please try another combination.", filterType: { search: "Search", filter: "Filter Setting" } }, date: { from: "From", to: "Until" }, subCategory: "Subcategory", navigation: "Route navigation" }, // viewToggle app viewToggle: { list: "List view", tile: "Masonry view", commerce: "Commerce view", masonry: "Masonry view", magazine: "Magazine view" }, // retailer app retailer: { rowHead: { name: "Name", location: "Location", openingHours: "Business hours" }, filterInfo: { text: "You have used the following filter: ", filterTypes: { terminal: "Terminal: {{terminal}}", hall: "Concourse: {{hall}}", area: "{{area}}" } } }, planning: { filter: { select: "Select" }, flightInformation: { flightNumber: "Flght Nummer", airline: "Airline", codeshare: "Codeshare", terminal: "Terminal", checkIn: "Check-in", gate: "Gate", halle: "Hall", ausgang: "Exit" } }, airlines: { errorHeadline: "No airlines were found for '{{searchTerm}}'", errorCopy: "try another search criteria" } }, watch: { label: "Add to my watchlist", labelActive: "Remove from watchlist" }, error: { "4xx": "Error message" } };