General Information

General Information

FAQ'S, Maus, Fragen und Antworten

Transferring the Easy Way

You can find valuable information to help you navigate your transfer and layover in our Transfer Guide. Click here to download the Transfer Guide.

To find your way, please consult the maps and follow the signs in the terminals.

Connecting Flight

Anschlussflug, Passagiere, Schilder zum Anschlussflug

To catch your connecting flight, go to the gate. If you do not yet have a valid boarding pass for your flight, you can obtain it at the gate or at the transfer counter in Terminal 1, Concourse B. To find out the gate, check your boarding pass or one of the monitor screens, or go to an information kiosk or information desk. Click here for more information on connecting flights with Singapore Airlines.

Gate to Gate Service


Our Gate to Gate Service ensures exclusive transfers within Frankfurt Airport.

You’re picked up right at the arrival gate by one of our service staff and accompanied through any checkpoints required for your connecting flight. Then you’re driven across the apron in a luxury limousine (or, if required, in an electric cart) to the departure gate.

There our service employee says goodbye. You board by yourself. It’s hard to image a more relaxed way to change planes!


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Metropolitan Apotheke, Medizin

Our pharmacies are located in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Both pharmacies carry medications as well as cosmetics and wellness products.

Diaper-Changing Rooms

Babywickelräume, Baby

We’re especially eager to do everything we can to make young passengers feel good and well-taken care of – in every respect.
All large sanitary facilities also have separate Diaper-Changing Rooms where you can also discreetly breastfeed.

Duty Free

Duty free, Preisschild, billiger einkaufen

Reward yourself with a duty-free purchase: perhaps your favorite perfume, cosmetic products from top brands, or a typically German souvenir. A visit to one of the Duty Free or Travel Value shops should be part of every trip.

Immigration Regulations

Einreisebestimmungen, Pass und Visum, Landkarte

Please check your travel documents well in advance of your trip to make sure they are valid. Your passport or ID should be valid at least for the duration of your planned stay abroad. If you are not a citizen of a country that has signed the Schengen Treaty, please inquire in time whether you require a visa for the country you are traveling to.


Gepäck, Reisender mit Koffer, Flughafen

In most cases, your bags will be forwarded to your final destination. Please inquire when checking in to make sure this is the case, while mentioning that you are only changing planes in Frankfurt. A sufficient number of luggage carts are available in both terminals.

Baggage Storage

Gepäckaufbewahrung, Portier, Kofferträger, Page

If you don’t feel like lugging your bags around while at the airport, you can deposit them at the left luggage facilities in Terminals 1 and 2 (pre-security).
Strollers (buggies) are also available to rent.

Mobile Phone/Netbook Charging

Handy Laptop, Umsteigen

There are a large number of Oracle charging stations throughout the airport that you can use free of charge.


Dusche, Wasserstrahl, Hygiene

How about freshening up with a hot shower after your long flight? You’ll find showers in Terminals 1 and 2.

Information Desk

Infoschalter, blau mit Globus

If you have questions about your connecting flight or anything else, the friendly staff at our Information Counters will be happy to help you.


W-lan, Internet, Pfeil auf http.//www.

From anywhere in the airport, you can access the Internet via Wi-Fi 24-hours free of charge. You can also conveniently surf the Web at one of our Internet Points (sit-down terminals) or 100 Internet Towers (stand-up terminals).

Security Checks

Kontrolle, Sicherheit, Überprüfung

For some flight connections, it may be necessary to pass an additional security checkpoint for inspection of your person and carry-on items.


Lounges, Gespräch, Mann, Frau, Aufenthalt

Regardless of your booked airline the Sky Lounge, in the transit area, and the LuxxLounge, in the public area ,are available for our passengers. In addition, there are 16 Airline-Lounges which require an authorized access. For more information, please contact your airline.

For a list of all lounges, click here.


Optiker, Brille, lesen

At our opticians at Frankfurt Airport lenses of all common strengths and many types of contact lenses are kept in stock and prepared while you wait. Eyeglass care products and on-the-spot repairs are also available.

Porter and Passenger Assistance


Regardless of which airline you use, you can book a porter or passenger assistant at Frankfurt Airport. He will take you and your luggage where you want to go by the shortest possible route.

Smoking Booths


Please note that smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the terminals except in the enclosed smoking booths (located in the transit areas of Terminal 1 A, B and C/D and Terminal 2) and in the Smoking Lounge.

Travel Essentials

Reisebedarf, Zahnbürste und Zahnpasta

Have you forgotten your toothbrush? Do you need baby food or cigarettes in a hurry? You’ll find a variety of places to shop for travel items on our airport maps.

Tax Free

MwSt.rückerstattung, Tax free, Lupe

Reward yourself with a shopping in our numerous shops!

If you are leaving the European Union (EU) and live outside it, you are entitled to a refund on the value-added tax paid on all merchandise purchased within the EU. Please note that you must request a tax refund check when buying items. You will find further information here.


Visa, Stempel, Pass und Visa

If you have a layover in Frankfurt, you probably don’t require a transit visa; however, just in case we recommend that you inquire ahead of time by contacting your airline or a German embassy or consulate.