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From Outer Space to the Ocean Blue: Frankfurt Airport Makes Traveling with Children Fun

At Frankfurt Airport, the teddy bear even gets a boarding pass: complete with name, destination, flight code, and seat number. And why not—after all, teddy and three-year-old Sara are inseparable companions! This is just one small example of how Frankfurt Airport looks after its little passengers. When kids are happy, their parents can relax and the whole family can look forward to an enjoyable holiday. There are plenty of exciting places for kids to explore and play before flight time.

Fraport, the airport manager, has already opened seven new playgrounds in the transit areas (after passing the security checks) at Frankfurt Airport’s terminals. Each play area features a different adventure theme where kids can romp and explore to their hearts’ content. They can “climb around a helicopter” at Gate B22 in Terminal 1 or “descend into the ocean” at Gate B44. Another new play area awaits the young travelers at Gate C16. An Airport World awaits kids in Pier A-Plus, while one level above in Pier Z youngster are captivated by the world of pirates. At Terminal 2’s Pier D and E, children can countdown their own space adventure.

The highlights in the public part of Terminal 2 are the moon spaceship and the outdoor Visitors’ Terrace.

When arriving at Frankfurt Airport, “wall games” keep the kids occupied while their parents get the luggage. Tiny tots are also very important passengers that need to be taken care of well. Newly designed sanitary baby facilities include separate diaper changing rooms as well as private areas for breastfeeding. Frankfurt Airport offers families useful tips and more information online at Traveling with Children. A special brochure in English or German is also available for downloading.

These new Frankfurt Airport services and facilities for children are part of Fraport’s “Great to have you here!” service quality program, which is introducing many enhancements to make it even more enjoyable, convenient, and comfortable to spend time at Germany’s largest aviation hub. Look for more play areas and services in the future, such a baby care lounge. In 2012, Frankfurt Airport welcomed more than 57 million passengers of all ages.


Service News Ruhezonen

Relax While You Wait: New Rest Areas at Frankfurt Airport

Stretch out and relax: if you’ll be changing planes in Frankfurt, you can now take advantage of a feel-good rest area in the new A-Plus pier. A cozy lounge ambiance is evoked by a hardwood floor, plants, and warm light. Kick back and sink into comfy, innovative lounge chairs. There are plenty of power sockets to plug in your laptop or other electronic device.

This pleasantly decorated rest area is already the third of its kind at Frankfurt Airport. You can also dream away the time until your flight leaves in Terminal 1 (at Gates B42/B43) and Terminal 2 (opposite Gates D1 to D4). The new rest areas are easy to find but located away from the busiest pedestrian routes.

The new rest areas are part of the “Great to have you here!” service program that Frankfurt Airport launched to introduce a wide range of improvements designed to make it even more comfortable and convenient to fly in and out of Germany’s largest airport. In 2012, Frankfurt Airport welcomed more than 57 million passengers.



Parking Tips for Frankfurt Airport: Early Bookers Save More Than Half

Save on parking: if you’ll be flying out of Frankfurt for your summer vacation, it’s worthwhile to make plans to leave your vehicle at the airport well in advance. If you reserve a parking space at least two weeks before your departure, you can enjoy huge savings in the parking structures right at the terminals. The earlier you book, the more you save. Then it costs only 55 euros to park for a whole week. These “early bird” rates are available when parking between seven and 29 days. Bookings can be made online at The documents are then mailed to you.

Another great opportunity is the holiday parking lot in the south of the airport. In the summer, for example, you can leave your car there for a week for only 59 euros, and two weeks cost just 79 euros. Shuttle buses circulate from there to both terminals around the clock. For five euros more, you can reserve a space ahead of time. If you’ll be flying early in the morning, it’s worth it to take advantage of the “Park, Sleep & Fly” offer. Starting at 93 euros, you can spend the night in the four-star InterCity Hotel on the airport premises; the price includes parking in the hotel lot for seven days.

All of these parking options are part of the “Great to have you here!” service program that Frankfurt Airport launched to introduce a wide range of improvements designed to make it even more comfortable and convenient to fly in and out of Germany’s largest airport. In 2012, Frankfurt Airport welcomed more than 57 million passengers.


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Now Even Easier to Use the Internet for Free

Check your e-mail, post pictures, surf the Web—and do it all for free! Now it’s easier than ever to do at Frankfurt Airport: the Internet is just a click away. Passengers and visitors can take advantage of up to 60 minutes a day without paying a cent, logging on with their smartphone, tablet, or laptop. It works in the pre-security (public) and post-security areas of both terminals.

As of recently, all you need to do is open your device’s browser. It then automatically takes you to a registration page for the hotspots of Deutsche Telekom. Enter your e-mail address and the displayed security code, click or tap on “Connect”, and presto: you’re online. After an hour, you can choose whether to buy additional time or log off.

Even if you don’t have a device of your own, the World Wide Web is wide open to you at Frankfurt Airport: in both terminals you’ll find more than a hundred “Internet Points” with computers that you can use to get online for a fee.

The free Internet service is part of the “Great to have you here!” service program that Frankfurt Airport launched to introduce a wide range of improvements designed to make it even more comfortable and convenient to fly in and out of Germany’s largest airport. In 2012, Frankfurt Airport welcomed more than 57 million passengers.


Service News Mehrsprachige Guides

Free Brochures Show the Way Through the Terminals in Nine Languages

Germany’s largest airport is now making it even easier for passengers from around the world to get around the terminals. Whether they’re from China, Russia, or Portugal, most will find the key brochures in their native languages. An Airport Guide, a Transfer Guide, and a Shopping & Dining Guide can now be downloaded from the airport’s website in any of nine different languages: German, English, French, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. The Shopping & Dining Guide is also available in Italian.

Where are my airline’s check-in counters? Where can I relax or charge my mobile phone? Where can I get value-added tax refunded? What’s the quickest way for me to get to the gate for my connecting flight? How can I make the most of my stay at the airport? The two brochures answer these and many other questions; the Airport Guide targets passengers who are departing from or arriving in Frankfurt, while the Transfer Guide is for those who change planes here. The Shopping & Dining Guide consists of a large map showing all of the shops and restaurants.

The Airport Guide, the Transfer Guide and the Shopping & Dining Guide are part of the “Great to have you here!” service program that Frankfurt Airport launched to introduce a wide range of improvements designed to make it even more comfortable and convenient to fly in and out of Germany’s largest airport. In 2012, Frankfurt Airport welcomed more than 57 million passengers.


Service News Chinesische Website

China’s Gateway to Europe: Frankfurt Airport’s Web Site Now Available for Chinese Passengers:

Fraport AG has launched a Chinese version of its Frankfurt Airport Web site ( to meet the special information needs of the growing number of passengers from China. This latest service follows other recent new  offerings such as the FRA WebApp in Chinese and Shopping Assistants, airport service staff who give assistance in Mandarin Chinese. The new Chinese FRA Web site  ( provides passengers flying to or from China with information and tips to make their stay at Germany’s biggest aviation hub as easy and comfortable as possible.

Not simply a one-to-one version of the information existing on the German  and English sites, the Chinese FRA Web site addresses the specific needs of Chinese  passengers. Along with essential airport and travel topics, there is information about  the diverse shopping and service facilities, the wide range of fashionable European and international brands, as well as details on how and where to obtain value-added tax  refunds directly in the terminals at Frankfurt Airport.

The Chinese aviation market,  which is one of the fastest growing in the world, is particularly important for Frankfurt Airport. Germany is already the most popular destination in Western Europe for Chinese travelers. In 2012, Frankfurt Airport welcomed approximately one million passengers traveling on routes to and from China. With the help of the online Chinese FRA Web site, Fraport is expanding Frankfurt’s role as a preferred international  gateway for Chinese travelers and is further enhancing travel comfort and the “quality of stay” for the steadily rising number of passengers from China.

When planning their next trip to Germany and Europe, Chinese passengers should remember the following key information sources in Mandarin: FRA’s Web site at:; and the FRA WebApp for mobile smartphones at:


Service News Skytrax

Frankfurt Airport: “2013 World’s Most Improved Airport”:

Skytrax Honors Frankfurt Airport’s “Great to Have You Here!” Service Program – Lima Airport Also Wins Two Skytrax Awards

Skytrax, a renowned aviation market research institute, has honored Frankfurt Airport (FRA) with its “2013 World’s Most Improved Airport” award in recognition of FRA’s increased service quality. For Germany’s biggest hub, this award underpins the success of its “Great to have you here!” service program. Jorge Chavez International Airport (LIM) – also owned and managed by Fraport AG – in Lima, Peru, has also won accolades from Skytrax: the “2013 Best Airport in South America” award for the sixth time and fifth consecutive year, as well as the “2013 Best Airport Staff Service in South America” award for the third time.

Each year, Skytrax asks more than twelve million passengers from around 160 countries to comment on service standards of almost 400 airports around the world. On the basis of the survey’s results, the most important international hubs are evaluated and presented with the prestigious World Airport Awards, which also cover categories other than service quality.

Dr. Stefan Schulte, Fraport AG’s Executive Board Chairman, is proud that Frankfurt Airport has been honored by Skytrax: “Receiving the ‘World’s Most Improved Airport’ award confirms the successful development of our ‘Great to have you here!’ service program, which has been flourishing for more than two years. It also suggests that the continuous increase in service quality at Frankfurt Airport is appreciated, first and foremost, by those who we are serving – our passengers. We see this award as incentive to continue our pursuit of enhancing the customer experience and the airport’s attractiveness for the more than 57 million passengers a year at FRA. The two awards received by Lima Airport show that Fraport’s airport management skills are not only evident in Frankfurt but also internationally where we operate.”

FRA’s “Great to have you here!” service program makes it even more comfortable for travelers to fly in and out Frankfurt Airport, especially connecting passengers who account for some 55 percent of Frankfurt’s total traffic – Europe’s highest transfer rate. Various service initiatives are being offered to enhance the passenger experience. Examples include: “fast lanes” at control points in the terminal help travelers with short connection times; the Frankfurt Airport App for smart phones in German, English and Chinese helps with orientation; and special information screens in the terminals to display walking times to different departure gates. Moreover, electric-powered Terminal Express vehicles, newly designed relaxing zones, as well as new playgrounds in the terminals help make the passengers’ stay more comfortable and enjoyable. FRA’s future plans call for expanding services targeted at the cultural and linguistic diversity of transfer passengers in particular. Fraport’s service package also includes leaflets in nine languages to help passengers through the terminals, multilingual service employees, and prayer rooms for all major world religions.


Service News ACC

Frankfurt Airport Conference Center Enhances Information Service for Customers

New brochure and website launched to raise service quality

The ACC Airport Conference Center at Frankfurt Airport has launched a new information brochure with the aim of offering customers – as the brochure’s title indicates – a range of “new perspectives”. The brochure provides an ideal overview of the large variety of facilities and services offered by the ACC as well as the advantages resulting from its location at Germany’s largest aviation hub. Easy and fast bookings, full cost transparency, a first-class service and perfect conference arrangements are among the key benefits of the ACC, in addition to its easy accessibility both from the passenger terminals and the airport’s railway stations. All these features are highlighted in the new brochure, including the ACC’s major asset: its ability to offer customers all services from a single source – from state-of-the-art conference technology to an extensive catering service or general facilities and services such as Internet access, a fax and copy service or flight rebookings.
The ACC has also redesigned its website to enhance customer service. Featuring a clearly structured and easy-to-navigate new format, the website guides customers through the booking process step by step and allows them to enter key data conveniently online. This, in turn, enables the sales team to expedite the processing of booking requests.

Directly located at Frankfurt Airport, the Airport Conference Center is just a few steps away from the terminals, the long-distance and regional train stations, the parking lots and the various airport hotels. Thanks to its central location and excellent accessibility, the ACC has become a popular conference venue also for ad-hoc business meetings.
Featuring 35 conference rooms, which are able to accommodate from two to 180 people, the ACC welcomes about 70,000 guests a year.



FRA Weddings: Getting Married at Frankfurt Airport

Weddings in unusual places are in. And right on time for Valentine’s Day on February 14, an intriguing new variation on tying the knot is being offered right at Frankfurt Airport (FRA): in the heart of Europe. The bride and groom can take their wedding vows in one of the terminal buildings, celebrate at the airport with their friends and family, spend the night in a five-star hotel, and then take straight off on their honeymoon.

They can relax and leave all the organization to a professional wedding planner, who takes care of the details, arranges the floral decorations, makes suggestions for the wedding cake and banquet, and sets up appointments with a hairdresser, nail specialist etc. This service is part of a complete package that can be booked at the airport.

The price is 1,500 euros, which includes a non-denominational, unofficial wedding ceremony, a photo shoot on the Visitors’ Terrace with aircraft in the background or at another special location, a festive reception, a wedding cake, table decorations and food for 15 persons, and an overnight stay for the newlyweds, including breakfast, in a suite of the Sheraton or Hilton airport hotels linked to the terminals. Variations are of course also possible. For example, a champagne reception with music can be ordered instead of food.
The ceremony itself can be performed either by a non-denominational officiant in a hotel suite or by prior arrangement by a representative of one of the religious congregations present at the airport in one of the prayer rooms in the terminals.

“FRA Weddings—Getting Married at the Airport” is another service of the “Great to Have you Here!” program that Frankfurt Airport has launched to make it even more convenient and comfortable to depart from and transfer at Germany’s largest airport. In 2012, Frankfurt Airport welcomed more than 57 million passengers.



New Information Kiosks at Frankfurt Airport Read Boarding Passes and Show the Way

Leading-edge technology now helps passengers get to their gates: thanks to new information kiosks, it has become even easier for them to find their way at Frankfurt Airport. As tall as a person, the kiosks are linked to the airport’s central information system and display up-to-the-minute information on flights, including any changes to departure times and gates.
Each of the new-generation kiosks is equipped with a barcode scanner. When a passenger holds their boarding pass in front of it, the fastest route to the departure gate is shown on a large terminal map. Touch screen control makes the kiosks very easy to use. The display also slides up or down to suit users of any height. Fraport is now installing about 90 of the new kiosks in both terminals to help people get their bearings.
The new information kiosks are part of the “Great to have you here!” service program that Frankfurt Airport launched to introduce a wide range of improvements designed to make it even more comfortable and convenient to fly in and out of Germany’s largest airport. In 2011, Frankfurt Airport welcomed more than 56 million passengers.


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“Virtual Assistant” Facilitates Automated Arrivals Processing in Frankfurt

The automated border checks at Frankfurt Airport are now simpler than ever. An amazingly realistic-looking virtual federal policewoman, projected onto a pane as a hologram, explains in seconds how to quickly and easily pass the immigration check with “easyPASS”. This virtual assistant is located right before the checkpoint on the arrivals level of Terminal 1’s Pier C.
If you’re returning from a vacation or business trip, you can choose whether to show your passport to a police officer in the usual way or opt for easyPASS. Here’s how it works: simply place your passport facedown on a scanner, which reads in your data and compares your biometric photograph and size with images captured by a camera. If both match, the turnstile opens and you’re home free. The only prerequisite for taking advantage of this convenient procedure is a new EU passport with integrated chip (ePass).
The innovative virtual assistant is part of the “Great to have you here!” service program that Frankfurt Airport launched to introduce a wide range of improvements designed to make it even more comfortable and convenient to fly in and out of Germany’s largest airport. In 2011, Frankfurt Airport welcomed more than 56 million passengers.


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Frankfurt Airport: Personal Shopping Advisers for Chinese Passengers

Frankfurt Airport recently began offering a special service: so-called Chinese Personal Shoppers who look after visitors from the Middle Kingdom. They advise Chinese passengers on shopping and help them to obtain refunds on value-added tax they have paid. On request, these airport employees also escort Chinese passengers through the security check and all the way to the gate.
The Chinese Personal Shoppers speak fluent Mandarin and are familiar with the culture and preferences of Chinese passengers. A pilot phase lasting several weeks showed that the advisers very quickly won the confidence of Chinese passengers and were able to help them communicate. Their assistance was gratefully accepted, and after arriving back home many passengers praised the personal service in Frankfurt to their acquaintances and business associates. As a result, many visitors arriving from that country now specifically ask for a Chinese Personal Shopper.
No advance registration is required. Chinese passengers who would like to try shopping at the airport with a Personal Shopper can simply call this number on the spur of the moment: +49 174/1550602. The shopping service is free of charge.
About a million passengers from China now pass through Frankfurt Airport each year, making them an increasingly important market. The Chinese Personal Shoppers are part of the “Great to have you here!” service program with which the airport is introducing a wide range of improvements to make it even easier and more convenient for passengers to depart from and transfer at Germany’s largest aviation hub. In 2011, Frankfurt Airport welcomed more than 56 million passengers.


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Display Boards

How far is it to my gate? Many passengers nervously ask themselves this question when it’s getting close to their flight’s departure time. Frankfurt Airport has now reduced this stress factor by installing new display boards in both terminals that list not only the current flight data and departure gate, but also the time it takes to walk there—in orange characters. It only takes a quick glance to find out whether you’ll need one or five minutes.

The new display boards with walking times are located right behind the security and passport checks. Eight of them are being installed in Terminal 1: two in Pier A just after the Travel Value shop and the other six in the non-Schengen part of Pier B. There is also a new display in the Schengen part of Terminal 2. As soon as a gate has been assigned to a flight, the time it takes to walk there is also displayed.


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Fast Lanes

Something that not everyone knows: when passengers are hurrying to catch a connecting flight at Frankfurt Airport they can take a shortcut to get to their gates faster. The airport has created “fast lanes” for this at the security checkpoints. They may be used on a priority basis by passengers whose flights leave in 30 minutes or less.

The fast lane system is very simple: display boards at the checkpoints list the current flights for which passengers may take advantage of the shortcuts. Friendly airport staff also help them get in the right line. Both terminals at Frankfurt Airport now feature fast lanes everywhere that passengers cross from a non-Schengen to a Schengen zone or vice versa. For example, if they have arrived from Singapore and are continuing on to a destination within Germany or Europe.


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