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Discover Frankfurt Airport during an exciting tour!

The Airbus A380 superjumbo slowly goes into motion. It’s so close you could almost touch it. Right near the airport tour bus, a tractor pushes the world’s largest passenger aircraft out of its position at the terminal. A Fraport employee gives a thumbs-up to the giant bird. Any moment now, the 560-tonne double-decker will take off into the wild blue yonder.

This is everyday routine at Frankfurt Airport; every step of the procedure has been practiced and honed to perfection. Some 1300 aircraft take off and land each day. But the moment in which one of these technological wonders lifts off never ceases to fascinate. And nowhere else in Germany can you take pictures of as many different aircraft types. Frankfurt Airport is one of the world’s largest aviation hubs.
Last year, around 60 million people boarded or deplaned here. And the number is continuing to increase as the airport grows. This is also creating new jobs. With 78,000 people now working here, the airport is Germany’s largest place of employment.

Experience the action live right on the apron and airfield; peer behind the scenes of a major aviation hub. We have created tours to satisfy every taste. Would you like to get a close-up view of the A380 maintenance base? Are you interested in our newest airport fire engine, the giant Z8 XXL? Are you fascinated by the sea of lights at the airport after dark? Or are you looking for a special idea for celebrating your child’s birthday? You’ll find all of the above and much more in this brochure. Have fun!

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After Work Tour

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Mini Tour

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Fire Department Tour

Feuerwehr Z8 XXl, Wagen, Rundfahrten, blauer Himmel, Vorfeld

Maxi Tour

Cargo, Vorfeld, Maxi Tour

Tailored Tour

A380, Flugzeug, Rollfeld

Airport by Night Tour

Flugzeuge auf Parkposition im Sonnenuntergang

Children's Birthday

Kindergeburtstag, Rundfahrten, Kinder

Airport Tours


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How about a little taste of what to expect on one of our airport tours? Take a look at our visitors’ film and you’ll be amazed how close you will get to large aircraft such as the Boeing 747 or the Airbus 380. Where else can you get the feeling of driving neck to neck with a jumbo jet? Enjoy some breathtaking moments and experience the fascination of Frankfurt Airport.