Pick-up & Visitors

Pick-up & Visitors

Parking Frankfurt Airport

Would you like to do some shopping or stroll through the airport? There are plenty of places to park at Terminal 1 and 2 and walk straight to the terminals. Due to space limitations, it is not possible to park right in front of the terminal buildings.

Terminal 1
From motorway A 3 or A 5 or highway B 43, follow the signs "Terminal 1". There are two entrances (P2 and P3) for driving into the terminal parking facility. No matter which one you use, you can walk straight over to the terminal. If a section is temporarily full, you are automatically guided to the next vacant one.

View location map of car parks for Terminal 1

Terminal 2
It's easy to reach from motorway A 3 or A 5 or highway B 43. Simply follow the signs "Terminal 2". From the road approaching the terminal, you can drive straight down into the P8 underground parking facility. You can also use the P9 entrance opposite the E section of the terminal. No matter where you park, you can quickly and easily reach the terminal building.

View location map of car parks for Terminal 2

Our regular Terminal Parking prices

Parking Period
up to 30 minutes
€ 2.50
up to 60 minutes
€ 4.00
every additional hour
€ 4.00
maximum price per day
€ 25.00
every additional hour
€ 4.00
every additional day (maximum price)
€ 25.00
up to one week (7 days)
€ 115.00
thereafter every additional day
€ 10.00
every additional week
€ 30.00
two weeks (14 days)
€ 145.00
three weeks (21 days)
€ 175.00

Drive-in Clearance

The clearance height for driving into our terminal parking facilities is 2.1 m.

Natural Gas-Powered Vehicles

You may park natural gas-powered vehicles in all parking facilities at Frankfurt Airport. Vehicles that run on propane (LPG, autogas) are unfortunately not allowed in the terminal parking structures.

Automatic Pay Station

You can pay the parking fee at one of the pay stations in cash, with a major credit card or with a debit card. If you experience any problems, our staff is available to help you around the clock at the main exits of the parking facility at Terminal 1 and 2.