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Luggage allowances vary from airline to airline. The figures given below can therefore only serve as a general guide. For precise information, please contact your airline or travel agent.

Tips on Luggage Allowances

You are usually allowed to check luggage weighing up to 20 kg per passenger at no extra charge.
Special rules apply to flights to the United States and Canada.

Tips on Excess Luggage

You are additionally charged for excess luggage (usually anything exceeding an allowance of 20 kg). Please inquire ahead of time, because the permitted allowances and rates vary from airline to airline.

Missing or Damaged Luggage

If any of your luggage is damaged or missing, please contact the Fraport Communication Center, which will be happy to connect you with the handling company responsible for your airline:

Phone:  +49 (0) 1805 - FRAINFO (within Germany)*         

(*€ 0.14 per minute from any landline phone in Germany)

Staff of the on-site luggage tracing services (located in all luggage claim areas) are also available to provide you with immediate assistance.


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Take a load off your shoulders by entrusting your heavy or bulky baggage, your coat or important documents to our baggage storage service.

Luggage Storage

Dangerous Goods

silver lighter

In the hold baggage

Many items may not be carried in your checked baggage. Here you can find out where to pack your special items and which items you better leave at home.

Hold Baggage


Gepaeckhilfe, Porter

Do you need help with your baggage?

Do you need a baggage cart or the assistance of our porter and passenger assistance service? Here you will find all necessary information.


Bulky Items

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Are you taking your surfboard with you on your vacation? No problem!

Here you can find out all you need to know for checking-in bulky items.

Bulky Items