Duty-Free Items

Duty-Free Items

Duty free, Preisschild, billiger einkaufen

Show Your Boarding Pass and Shop at Duty-Free Prices

Your boarding pass authorizes you to purchase all perfumes, cosmetics, liquor, wines, sweets, toys, games and accessories at outstanding duty-free prices in our Travel Value and Duty Free Shops.

Passengers are permitted to carry through the security checkpoints all liquids purchased duty-free at any airport or aboard an aircraft, provided these items are placed in a transparent, tamper-evident bag sealed on purchase by the sales staff.

Please take note that regulations in non-European countries concerning liquids in hand luggage onboard aircraft may differ from those applicable for EU countries. Consequently, we recommend checking before departure at the consulate or embassy of the country you are travelling to about the regulations governing liquids in hand luggage onboard aircraft. A list of all consulates/embassies in Germany is available under www.auswaertiges-amt.de. Please remember that employees in Duty Free shops are not always informed about the current regulations in all countries.

Benefit From Duty-Free Also When Taking a Domestic Flight

You can also use your boarding pass to buy all of these products at attractive duty-free prices if you are taking a domestic flight.

Keep Saving After Landing

If your path takes you past a Travel Value or Duty Free Shop, you can even benefit from our sensational prices after landing.

Take Advantage of Unlimited Possibilities for Making Duty-Free Purchases

If you are heading for a destination outside the EU, you can still purchase an unlimited quantity of duty-free cigarettes, cigars and other tobacco products (possibly subject to import restrictions on arrival; please inquire).