Customs & Taxes

Customs & Taxes

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VAT Refunds

MwSt-Rückerstattung, Tax free, Kontrollen

How It Works

  • To get the value-added tax refunded, you must first obtain an export validation from one of the airport customs offices.
  • Then go to Global Refund after passing the passport check. Upon presentation of the export validation, you will receive the VAT (minus charges) in cash.

VAT Refunds


Freimengen, Getränk, Alkohol

There are limits on the quantities and value of goods you take with you.

Currency restrictions

You’ll find complete information on restrictions on cash and monetary instruments here.

Endangered Species

Artenschutz, Panda Bär, Zoll

Please obey the rules for protecting endangering species.

Product piracy

Are you on a trip and would like to bring home something special from abroad for your loved ones in Germany? Then please observe the applicable customs restrictions.