Animal Lounge

Animal Lounge


The world's most advanced animal station combines handling, animal coordination and veterinary services on 4,000 sq.m of space under one roof.

  • 42 large-animal stalls up to 28 sq.m in size
  • 39 small-animal pens
  • Special aviaries
  • 18 individually temperature-controllable climate chambers
  • Variable stalls
  • Room for all kinds of animals: from beehives to zebras, and from thoroughbred racehorses to giant elephants
  • Professional, species-appropriate handling and care
  • Areas for animal escorts to rest
  • Round-the-clock video surveillance
  • Frankfurt Airport is an "airport of first entry" for importing animals to the European Union by air.

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For more details, please consult the pages of Lufthansa Cargo.