Business Location

Business Location

Business Standort, Fahnen aus verschiedenen Ländern, Wegeanzeiger in verschiedene Städte

Frankfurt Airport

In the heart of Europe

  • Less than a three hour's flight to any European city
  • Virtually no other airport is as perfectly connected
    – by air, road and rail.
Site Advantages

Facts & Figures

  • Over 500 companies and around 78,000 employees operate here.
  • Over 58 million passengers a year
Fraport in Numbers


  • The airport is being constantly expanded to keep pace with the site’s growth.

Land Development in the Airport City

Gateway Gardens

  • By the year 2021, this site will include offices, services, hotels, conference, trade show and exhibition space, recreational facilities, bars and restaurants, and retail outlets.
Gateway Gardens

Mönchhof Site

  • By the year 2019, this site spanning 100 hectares will rise to a new business location for forwarders, logistics companies and aviation-related businesses very close to the airport.
Mönchhof Site

CargoCity South

  • Europe’s largest cargo hub will gain another 27 hectares over the next few years.

CargoCity South

Office Properties


  • Directly above the long-distance train station, Germany’s most innovative office building and the continent’s most mobile working environment has taken shape.

Frankfurt Airport Center

  • The Frankfurt Airport Center (FAC) is a first-class office and conference facility, uniquely located at Frankfurt Airport.
Frankfurt Airport Center

Main Airport Center

  • Optimally located within sight of the airport, the Main Airport Center — named after the Main River — offers around 51,000 square meters of office space and an excellent working environment.
Main Airport Center


Airport Conference Center, eingedeckter Tisch mit Blume

Airport Conference Center

• Conference rooms available           by the hour or day
• Comprehensive service and          catering


Erleben, Essen und Trinken, Retailing

Frankfurt Airport — a World of Experience
• Over 300 shops, restaurants
  and services
• Open daily, some facilities
  24 hours